The Powerpoint of the session

As I had promised… Here is the powerpoint of the session. Some of the effects will not work, however, you should still be able to see all the material. If you click on the lower right corner of the show, you can go to the slideshow directly and see all the notes for the slides below the show. Let me know what you think.

Why We Believe…

I’m just back from the camp and finished my dinner. The first thing I really want to do is give you all a BIG THANK YOU! I told the adults today that for the first time, I found a bunch of young people who actually THOUGHT, who used their brains. Thanks for sharing so much and for asking questions. Believe me, I had a fun time and also liked impersonating Larry (though that was something I thought at the last minute. I had not planned on it. Thank you for bringing up the thought about the mummy type wrappings.)

Here is the list of the links that I promised. This is by no means a complete list. This is barely scratching the surface. Also read the three books that you received and start with the WHY book if you want. It is OK if it takes you a long time to read the books. If and when you come to portions that you do not understand, feel free to ask your parents or an uncle or aunt or your pastor or shoot me an email or write on this blog. If you feel safer to communicate through email, make sure you talk to your parents about that first, OK? I hope that you all will grow in the knowledge of God.

As for the actual Powerpoint presentation, that will take a little while to post here or maybe I will send it to you or to your parents directly if you want it.

Let me know what you felt about the session. You can most definitely tell me both what you liked AND what you did not like. Would you like to have a similar session next year? What are the things you would you like to see and/or discuss? Just post it here and let me know.

  1. A Ready Defense by Josh McDowell
  2. Selected chapters from A Ready Defense
  3. Paul Little Book Set: Know What, Who, and Why You Believe
  4. The Case For… Series by Lee Strobel
  5. Knowing God by J I Packer
  6. Jesus Among Other Gods (Youth) by Ravi Zacharias
  1. Reliability of the Biblical Documents
  2. White Horse Inn – Podcasts available
  3. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries – Podcasts available
  4. Christian Research Institute – Podcasts and live broadcasts, tons of free material
  5. List of apologetics websites – surprisingly from people with the “other” point of view
  6. The Sovereignty of God by John Murray

A fresh start

I think, therefore, I blog. After all isn’t blogging just opening up your thoughts and discoveries to others? Right now I am all geared up for the OFUESI Eastern Regional Conference 2007. Within 3 hours, I’ll be on the road. Check back this blog for material that I will be posting. Last year was great. May God be glorified this year too.

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